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Title Recipients_People who have type 1 psychological disorders
Posted by KIP Type 1 Psychological Disorder (ip:)
  • Date 2021-06-13
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[Recipients_People who have type 1 psychological disorders]

It is considered as a type 1 psychological disorder when a psychological disorder develops in one component of psychology among the three : perception, memory, and expression.

- Perception disorder : Panic disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, 

   phobic disorder

- The disorder of memory of emotion : Depression

- Expression disorder : Addiction (disorder of outward expression), consciousness 

   disorder (inward disorder)

Psychological disorders occur when psychological problems are aggravated. Then, the ability of self-recovery is lost and the condition may continue to be aggravated even further. It is important to differentiate psychological problems and psychological disorders. In the majority of the cases of psychological problems, the recovery can be achieved by adopting healing methods, but some cases develop into psychological disorders. It takes more time and effort to treat psychological disorders than to treat psychological problems. It is recommended that psychological problems be adequately addresses before they develop into psychological disorders. 

Psychological conditions are considered as type 1 psychological disorders when :

- Psychological problems continue for more than 6 months

- Medication has been administered for less than 3 years after the diagnosis of type 1    

  psychological disorder

- Psychology treatment has been adopted for less than 3 years after the diagnosis of 

  type 1 psychological disorder

- Study of psychology or immersion into a certain object have been adopted to solve 

  psychological problems for less than 3 years

- Less than 2 years have passed since the development of type 1 psychological disorder

By adopting KIP Psychology Treatment Training for type 1 psychological disorders, you can adequately treat psychological wounds and restore healthy psychology, and prevent psychological disorders from developing again by controlling and adjusting psychology on your own. 

When type 1 psychological disorders are neglected without proper treatment, they may develop into type 2 psychological disorders. Then, you may have to take much more time and effort for treatment. It is strongly recommended that type 1 psychological disorders be treated before the condition is aggravated further. 

Inquiries : uip@uip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com]



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